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Regular Activities and Events

Day Time Activity
Sunday 11:00 am Sunday Service
Sunday 3:00 pm Worship Service (North Gate)
Sunday 7:00 pm Worship Service
Monday 10:00 am Treasure Tots
Friday 7:30 pm Tribe (age 11-17)

Information for Students

Student Contact: Ben Young
Student Contact Phone:
Student Contact Email: admin@the-gate.org.uk
Student Meeting: Wednesday 7:30pm

Gate Church International Gate Church International For our students, we meet EVERY Wednesday at 7.30 PM.
Eating food together is a huge part of how we build community and deepen our fellowship. There is hot (free) food for everyone, every week! We then go into a time of small group discussions, or have a guest speaker or so many other things! oh and with some big social events thrown in there too!
If you fancy joining us on a Wednesday, come to the Gate Church International and head to the coffee bar down the side of the building. We can't wait to welcome you to our church and Young Adults community!
To find out more, feel free to drop us a message on our Instagram - @yam.gci
On Sundays, we have three spirit-filled services: 11 AM for all ages, 3 PM for our young families, and 7 PM for people who want to dig even deeper.
Most people class Sunday as the last day of their week but when we give it to God, it feels like the best way to START your week! Come and be met with by the Spirit to start your week with any of the three lively services.
The Gate Church International is an established local church, right in the heart of Dundee. We are close to the university and its surrounding student accommodation areas.
we are a congregation full of people from allllllll around the world.
At The Gate we seek to encounter God's Holy Spirit weekly and deepen our lives in His word. Whilst supporting one another in that journey, we strive to not just keep this to ourselves but to take this beyond the four walls into the surrounding community.

  • Leaders:

    Mr Gordon Stewart (Pastor)

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Origin Scotland