Charlotte Chapel is one of Edinburgh's largest churches with a history stretching back to the nineteenth century.
Many famous evangelical leaders and scholars have been pastors here, and the church is well-known around the world.
After 200 years as a church,in 2016 Charlotte Chapel moved into a wonderful new building on Shandwick Place.
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  • Cell groups / Home Groups
  • Weekly Prayer Meeting
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Groups
  • University & College Students
  • Christianity Explored Courses

Regular Activities and Events

Day Time Activity
Sunday 8:30 am Prayer Meeting
Sunday 10:30 am Morning Service
Sunday 6:15 pm Prayer Meeting
Sunday 7:00 pm Evening Service
Tuesday 9:30 am Timeout
Wednesday 7:00 pm Young Adults
Thursday 10:00 am Womens Morning Fellowship
Friday 7:30 pm International Fellowship Bible Study

Monthly Activities and Events

Day Time Activity  
First Wednesday 7:30 pm Missions Prayer Meeting  
  • Leaders:

    Rev Paul Rees (Senior Pastor)

    Rev Liam Garvie (Associate Pastor)

    Mrs Catherine Burrows (Pastoral Care Worker)

    Miss Rachel Sloan (Women's Worker)

  • Congregation size:


Origin Scotland