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Sunday 10:30 am Morning Service

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Student Contact: Nigel Watson
Student Contact Phone: 0131 667 7220
Student Contact Email: minister@stcaths.church
Student Meeting: contact church for details

St Catherine's Argyle St Catherine's Argyle St Catherine�s Argyle Parish Church is a very friendly and welcoming evangelical church near to Edinburgh University campus in the heart of Marchmont where there are many student flats. Those coming to our church will find a nurturing and caring environment where they can deepen their faith and grow in discipleship. Over the years we have welcomed and engaged with many students of different ages, stages, backgrounds and nationalities. They have had opportunities to be involved in a variety of activities such as: our music group, children's work, and reaching out to international students. Please be in touch to learn more.

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    Rev Nigel Watson (Locum Minister)

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Origin Scotland