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Regular Activities and Events

Day Time Activity
Sunday 10:30 am Morning Service
Sunday 7:30 pm Zoom Prayer Meeting
Monday 10:00 am Connections Cafe. Support for those new to Dundee for whom English is not a first language

Information for Students

Student Contact: Katy Emslie-Smith
Student Contact Phone:
Student Contact Email: office@thesteeplechurch.org.uk
Student Meeting: contact church for details

The Steeple Church The Steeple Church The Steeple Church is located at the heart of the city centre surrounded by the Overgate shopping centre and within a few minutes walk of both universities. Our church building dates back hundreds of years. However, as a congregation we live very much in the 21st century, believing that God is still working in and through his people, with Jesus Christ the living centre of our fellowship. We would like to welcome those who are studying in Dundee and offer the opportunity of being part of a Christian Church that seeks to demonstrate and share the love and good news of Jesus Christ in the city and culture in which we live. As a church we are committed to responding to the practical needs of people using our city centre venue. We plan to run an Alpha course in the autumn.

  • Leaders:

    Rev Douglas Monaghan (Assistant Minister)

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Origin Scotland