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  • Weekly Prayer Meeting
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Regular Activities and Events

Day Time Activity
Sunday 11:00 am Morning Service
Sunday 5:15 pm Prayer Meeting
Sunday 6:00 pm Evening Service

Monthly Activities and Events

Day Time Activity  
First Wednesday 7:30 pm Prayer Meeting  

Information for Students

Student Contact: Will Lind
Student Contact Phone: 01382 807 004
Student Contact Email: office@stpeters-dundee.org.uk
Student Meeting: contact Will at the office

St Peter's Free Church St Peter's Free Church St Peter's is a growing church with lots of young people. There is a strong emphasis on contemporary Bible teaching, church community and evangelism. There are many opportunities to be involved and to serve. There are fellowship groups, youth groups, evangelistic courses, welcome meals, student social events and an annual student conference. The congregation seeks to work with other evangelical churches in Dundee. International students are well catered for. Situated beside the University of Dundee there is plenty for any student of whatever background.

  • Leaders:

    Rev Andy Pearson (Minister)

    Rev Will Lind (Assistant Minister)

  • Congregation size:


Origin Scotland