• Origin Scotland
  • Edinburgh, Tuesday 1st July, 2014

Graphic Designer needed

Origin is looking for a graphic designer to assist with event publicity on an ad-hoc volunteer basis.

Origin regularly has need of designer input for publicity materials for our events both in the UK and South Africa, and we are looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to work with our artistic director Colin Peckham and our office manager to produce high quality graphic designs for events and programmes.

The job is a volunteer post, and requires only a few hours work per month on an ad-hoc basis in free time.

Work would be on regular and high profile events, producing both print and on-screen media.

Previous experience or training is essential.

If you are interested in joining our committed team of volunteers in reaching people for Jesus and uniting the church, and using your skills and talents in graphic design for Origin in the UK and South Africa, please contact us on +44 (0)131 208 0095 or email info@originscotland.org.

Origin Scotland