The Foot Stomping Gospel Band

Origin's main band was formed in 1997 with the mission to be an agent of unity in the church and outreach to the city of Edinburgh. While the band members have changed a little over the years, the intention has remained the same. Over time this group evolved into the Foot Stomping Gospel Band.

We have high standards, and our settled membership for a number of years has allowed the group to grow musically and develop a flexible style, so they are able to play pretty much any style you throw at them. However, we insist that whatever style it is, it contains actual music!

During 2008 we prepared to record our first album, with our own singer-songwriters writing all the songs on it. We didn't see the point in just reproducing other people's music, so in early 2009 we recorded un|broken on the Isle of Mull at Mucmara studios. This is available to purchase online, and you can listen to extracts of several of the tracks.

In 2009 we added a regular vocal section to the band, and while the band is best described as a collective, often featuring a different range of instruments depending on the gig, the main members who keep popping up again and again are (in no particular order):

Rhythm Guitar



Colin Peckham

Ellyn Oliver
Jonny Russell
Sarah Stevenson
Stephen Pritchard
Cailean Morison

Bass Guitar

Dave Biddulph


Tim Martin

Lead Guitar

Raymond Donaldson


Luke Wilson

Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Steph Macleod*


Colin Dyer

In addition to the core band, we use brass, strings and woodwind instruments to add colour and as the music requires.

Band Leader/Co-director
Dave Bidulph

Dave is the deputy manager of Bethany Christian Centre in Edinburgh and plays bass guitar in the band. Dave worships at Charlotte Chapel, is married to Wendy and they have a young daughter, Keira.

Colin Peckham

Colin studied music at Edinburgh University and theology with the University of South Africa. He was once a freelance website developer and now serves as Origin's Artistic Director for Scotland and South Africa. He is married to Norma and has a young son.

Worshipping at Findlay Memorial Church, May 2010 Rebecca Hardie sings at a Praise Night in 2009. Photo by Kyle Usher Dave Biddulph, Bass. Photo by Kyle Usher
Worshipping at Palmerston Place Church, May 2009 Tech, Plamerston Place, 2009 Colin Peckham directs the musicians

Inclusion in any Origin programme is at the discretion of the organisers.