The Origin Partner Programme is a way for you to get actively involved in supporting Origin's ministry financially. As you can imagine, even although all our staff are volunteers, there are costs involved in putting on events aimed at evangelism or Church unity. A outreach night can cost up to £2,000; and a large-scale event can cost up to £20,000.

Regular small amounts can mean the difference between being able to go ahead with a programme or cancel it, and for that your help is needed.

We don't recommend an amount, but you can give anything from £10 per month up to whatever you like.


Become a Partner

If you would like to help in this way, please visit out giving and partner page

We know that such support is given out of generosity of spirit, but we also would like to give you something in return. Advance booking for events which are owned by Origin Scotland, a regular prayer letter, and discounted tickets where events are not free (admitedly this is not often, as they're almost all free!).

As Origin Scotland is a registered charity, we can also reclaim the tax you paid on your gift if you are a UK taxpayer.

One-off donations can also be made via our online donation form.