JustOne - with J.John

JustOne - with J.John

Tickets for JustOne are FREE but you need to book them in advance. Just fill in the form below and click submit. Please make sure you fill in all the fields so we know how to contact you and where to send your tickets.

You may book a maximum of 5 tickets per person online. If you want to book more than 5 tickets please contact the Origin Scotland box office on 0131 208 0095.

This event is brought to you by Origin Scotland and The Heralds Trust, as such your information will be available to both organisations for the purpose of processing information relating to this event

Tickets ordered before Sun 10 May, 2020 can either be collected at the door on the night of the event, or posted to you. Any tickets booked after this cannot be posted and will be available for collection at the door on the night.

If you requested that your tickets be mailed out to you, please note that you will receive them seven to fourteen days before the event

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