• Origin Scotland
  • Edinburgh, Monday 11th May, 2009

Usher Hall Back in Play

Usher Hall re-opening to the public following several years of refurbishment.

After a long period of closure during which the famous concert hall only opened briefly during the Edinburgh Festival, the end is finally in sight for the major refurbishing and building project. With the new extension nearing completion, the hall expects to be back in business this summer, and that means that Origin is once again able to hold its City Praise event there in October.

“It has been a long wait” commented Origin Scotland’s managing director. “We’ve had to be a bit creative with finding new venues for the last couple of years, with varying degrees of success. But we’re delighted to be back in the Usher Hall. It’s our venue of choice in Edinburgh, and is a great place to worship God.”

City Praise 2009 will be held at the venue on Sunday 18th October at 8.30pm. Admission will be free, but tickets will be required. See Origin’s website for more details.

Origin Scotland