• Origin Scotland
  • Edinburgh, Thursday 13th January, 2022

Tickets now available for Symphonic Praise at St Giles' Cathedral

After a break during 2020, we are delighted to announce a return to in-person Symphonic Praise events!

Tickets are now available from our website for this event, which was rescheduled from September last year.

Symphonic Praise is an event that promotes the use of great hymns, and great doctrine and theology through music. Designed to deepen your faith and experience of God, and build resilience in the face of a world hostile to Christian values and beliefs.

Some of the greatest hymns ever written, to brand new arrangements commissioned for this event, performed by the Origin Scotland singers and orchestra.

Please note: Covid-19 protocols will remain in place, including capacity limits and the requirement for face masks in the building. Vaccination is recommended.

Book your tickets at www.originscotland.org

Origin Scotland